When Love Walked In

When Love Walked In
Full disclosure may be in order before I launch into a review of Marisa de los Santos’s Love Walked In. As a veteran reader of every grade of "chick lit" -- including bodice rippers of yore -- and an admitted feminist, I am always interested in the genre of romance novels at large. How, if at all, does an author negotiate what is often a formulaic journey to happily ever after without shoving the female protagonist into the mold of a complacent, lovelorn twit and her male counterpart into a composite matinée idol aka some incarnation of a debonair billionaire/loner cowboy?

More recent novels of this sort to paint a fuller picture of especially women characters and Love Walked In is no exception. Readers will quickly understand why the novel was recently optioned as a star vehicle for Sarah Jessica Parker. It is charming. Its heroine -- Cornelia -- is as plucky, witty and lovely as any of the laundry list of leading ladies she references -- Veronica Lake, Myrna Loy and Katherine Hepburn. The novel is conceived in a manner which undercuts some of the pat constraints of the genre of romance writing without deviating from its general precepts.

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